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AsciiBrot now available!

We are pleased to announce that our latest iPad app is now available in the Apple App Store - AsciiBrot.

Explore the majesty of the Mandelbrot shape, but this time in glorious ASCII (plain text) and in more than 10 colours!

A lighthearted, retro twist on modern Mandelbrot viewers, available right now, for free.

Stay tuned for even more app announcements, sooner rather than later...

MandelPlay now available!

We are pleased to announce that our latest iOS app is available now on the Apple App Store: MandelPlay.

Explore the infinite intricacies of the Mandelbrot, a shape generated from a mathematical equation. Sit back and take an automated tour of the highlights; change the colour scheme to reveal unexpected patterns. Fully supports iPad Mini and Retina iPad models.

MandelPlay is available now for the iPad for the reasonable price of… FREE!

Gravulon version 1.3 now available

The latest update to our mobile game Gravulon has been approved by Apple and is available now in the App Store!

This version, 1.3, brings full support for the larger screen for the iPhone 5 in the form of a revised layout, so that the full screen is used rather than just stretching the smaller image from an iPhone 4. This involved revisions to some of the graphics and the handling of finger touches. Nothing terribly complicated, but worth the effort!

This update also includes a new feature: a short aiming line, which shows how your missile - or missiles - will fly when you fire them.

Finally we did some small polishing and fixing of known bugs; hopefully nothing that anyone would have noticed anyway, as they were all cosmetic and not related to gameplay.

We have more apps in development so expect more news in the near future!

Website re-vamp!

Welcome to our new-look website, which we think is a great improvement on the original.

As you can see, it now includes a blog. Here we’ll keep you posted with the latest news about Seco Creative Solutions and our products.