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    Formula One Car

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Our skilled 3D graphic artists are experienced in creating stills and animations, which are ideal for publications, training materials and trade shows. The advantage of graphics is that they can bring to life products that have not yet been realised, or show internal workings that cannot normally be seen. Graphics can be created at any level of detail or resolution, and so can be used for websites, printed materials, even promotional posters and adverts. Animations bring objects to life, illustrating processes at work and can also be created at sizes appropriate to their use: everything from small sizes for mobile devices up to full high definition and beyond. The only limit is your imagination - let our artists bring your thoughts to virtual reality.

We have a case study from one of our satisfied customers here.

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We can generate eye-popping or photo-realistic images of anything you can imagine, using market-leading modelling tools. Images can be generated at literally any size - anything from website thumbnails to building-sized posters.

Computer generated imagery is ideal for:

  • Websites
  • Printed materials such as brochures
  • Training materials
  • Adverts
  • Marketing posters
  • Trade show stands

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We can bring your visions to life by generating high-quality computer generated animations. Animations are ideal for showing the inner workings of mechanical devices, or moving around objects in realistic settings. Animations can be generated at any size: from use with mobile devices, to websites, PowerPoint presentations, all the way up to full high definition video and beyond.

Don't forget that animations don't have to be of complex machinery or products that don't yet exist. Enliven sales figure presentations with animated graphs or amusing creatures.

Animations are perfect for:

  • Presentations - an animation is the perfect remedy for monotonous slides. Replace a list of bullet points with a
  • Product visualisation - nothing helps prospective clients or investors picture a vision than seeing it brought to life in clear detail
  • Training materials - animations can show important machinations at slow speed to illustrate how complex machinery works
  • Trade shows - impress prospective customers with informative videos
  • Websites - reach a wider audience by adding videos to your website, or create a channel on YouTube

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We can now add another dimension to our already exciting animations: 3D visuals. With the aid of a 3D-enabled television or projector, your visions or products will literally stand out and grab the attention of viewers. 3D is an ideal addition to your trade show stand, as passing customers will be drawn in by the leading-edge visuals.