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Seco Creative Solutions is built on the principles of high quality products and services leveraging the latest technologies and established practices.

Our consultants have 20 years of experience in global corporate IT project development and implementation, including high budget projects involving contributions from teams spread across the world.

We have full life cycle experience of dozens of IT systems across a broad range of industries including banking, oil, recruitment and retail.

Contact us to take advantage of our experience in delivering quality projects and systems on time and on budget.

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Project Management

Our project management consultants have overseen many successful projects, including management of teams in different continents.

We are skilled in:

  • Resource management - balancing tasks so that resources are not over- or under-utilised
  • Budgeting - accurate effort estimates, managing workload and consistent budget tracking
  • Client liaison - keeping all parties informed on progress and obstacles
  • Management of distributed teams - ensuring tasks are monitored despite geographical or time-zone differences
  • Risk assessment - identify risks to the project and establish processes for minimising these risks
  • Change management - handle any changes to project scope effectively
  • Test plan creation - identify all areas and functionality that require testing
  • Release strategies - defining the structure and processes for future phases of the project
  • Support processes - establishing processes, resources and lines of contact for supporting production systems

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We have developed a large number of systems across a broad range of industries, from recruitment to banking, hospital supplies to oil companies.

Our expertise covers all stages of system development, from requirements gathering, design and development through testing and implementation to support and documentation.

Specific technologies include:

  • Microsoft .Net including Framework 4.0 and Visual Studio 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server database systems including 2012
  • ASP .Net using C#
  • Integration with external systems including ERP systems such as SAP and Siebel
  • Web Services including Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and RESTful services
  • Front-end systems using Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Web sites and systems accessed by thousands of customers
  • Integration with Microsoft Office including Excel

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Our consultants have considerable expertise in database design, development and operation, in all sizes from small single-user systems to critical corporate systems accessed from thousands of internet customers.

Our expertise covers all aspects of database systems:

  • Database design including normalisation
  • Development of stored procedures, triggers and functions
  • Transactions and locking strategies
  • Optimisation of indexes and queries to maximise performance
  • Querying and building of XML
  • Capacity planning
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Data loading and change management