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Mobile Application Development

Every week more companies add a mobile application to their existing web presence. Don't be left behind - contact us to develop and implement an application to represent your company in the mobile space.

Leveraging our expertise in corporate system development and high quality bespoke graphics we are ideally positioned to maximise the emerging mobile environment and have several mobile applications available or in development.

In addition to developing our own applications, our consultants are ready to help realise your mobile application visions. We can assist in the successful delivery of your projects with our expertise in:

  • Design: from blue-sky brainstorming to detailed usability
  • Prototyping: rapidly created prototypes for look-and-feel testing
  • Proof of concept: check that the killer features of your app will work in reality
  • Project management: keep the budget under control and ensure everyone involved is contributing on schedule
  • Development: we can bring your visions to reality, including OpenGL graphics and OpenAL audio
  • Graphics: add eye-popping graphics to give your app sparkle
  • Deployment, including the Apple iOS approval process

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Fight the evil Cydroid invasion using planetary gravity in this addictive game, available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad - and now the new high-definition iPad!
More details available on the Gravulon web site.

Take control of the latest StarFighter as you battle the invading Cydroid forces in Gravulon, the turn-based shooter with a difference: use the gravitational forces of the planets around you to redirect your carefully-placed shots. With a wealth of unlockable weaponry available, this addictive shooter has retro charm and is available now for all iOS devices (iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads)!

New in version 1.3:

  • Full support for the iPhone 5 larger screen resolution - wider gameplay, rather than just stretching the existing graphics!
  • An aiming line projecting from the front of your ship to show where your shot will go!
  • Some minor bugs and fixes

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Explore the infinite complexities of the Mandelbrot shape on your iPad with MandelPlay! Navigate around using the simplest of gestures or sit back and enjoy the sights in the automated tour. Uncover unexpected details by changing the colours from a selection of vivid schemes.

Features include:

* Utilises the full resolution of Retina iPad models while also supporting non-Retina models including the iPad Mini
* Move around and zoom into the Mandelbrot in real-time
* An automated flyover tour of the most interesting views - sit back and enjoy the view!
* A selection of dynamic colour schemes

Upgrade to the full version to unlock these additional features:

* Define your own colour schemes
* Add your own interesting locations to the tour
* Share the incredible Mandelbrot images via Twitter, Facebook, email
* Manage the lists of colour schemes and bookmarked locations, including re-ordering and deleting
* Removal of adverts

The Mandelbrot is a shape defined by a mathematical calculation, so no matter how far in you zoom the details never end. There are an astounding variety of shapes and patterns which are revealed as you zoom in and move around the shape. Changing the colour scheme can uncover breathtaking vistas and seemingly organic shapes. The amazing resolution of the Retina display iPad models is fully employed to bring out the miniscule details.

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Experience the full majesty of the MandelBrot, now rendered on the iPad in glorious ASCII text, utilising more than 10 colours!

Navigate the infinite details in real-time by scrolling around and zooming in and out, or sit back and enjoy the highlights with an automated tour of the interesting features!

Select from 11 carefully selected colours, or use the incredible Rainbow colour scheme!

Share the exciting vistas with friends!